Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ghosts, are they that uncommon?

"Ghosts are terrifying supernatural beings that haunt after death."

  If you have said something similar to this, the public and media has worked its magic on you. You grow up hearing ghost stories, watching cartoons and movies, that all mention that ghosts are here to haunt, and scare... this is a misconception. Ghosts are a normal part of life, they walk among us even in our houses. When people die, they dont go anywhere, only turn into ghosts. There are many ghosts everywhere, every human that has died in the history of earth still watches and walks this earth.


  1. Your blog seems to have an interesting start, I'll follow you if you follow me?

  2. spooky ~

  3. I really don't believe in ghosts.
    But I find the stories and supposed facts about them really interesting.
    Tell me more =]